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I would like to share my thoughts about the best career choices and the importance of choosing a career in this post.

Lots of people have been asking questions about it on the Internet.

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Before I share the top 5 career choices around the world, let me share a story so that you can relate to this blog.

Let’s move forward….

Story Of Small Town In India

A Small Town In India

Several decades back, a small family lived in a town in India. The family consisted of four members, including a guy who ended up writing history.

The father worked as a water coordinator, responsible for assuring water supply to the colony and the ground.

Nevertheless, the income he made was barely sufficient to fulfill the family’s needs.

Goalkeeper Turned Wicketkeeper


The kid used to attend the local school, making it to the football goalkeepers’ shortlist.

Coincidentally, the cricket team was suffering from a lack of wicket keepers at the time, and the coach had no other substitute except to choose a goalkeeper for keeping the wickets.

The kid had to pick at the point; he decided to change the field and try wicket keeping.

The two choices presented were equally tempting, and the decision was hard to make; nevertheless, choosing between the two would get more complicated.

The Initial Result


Choosing wicket keeping turned out to be a success as he succeeded at impressing the coaches and proved to be a reliable batter.

His love for cricket grew, and his passion pushed him to improve each passing day.

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The results kept on improving; the coaches settled on him as the new face of the team.

It took a year of commendable performances in the tournaments that he was proposed as a possible candidate to make the second regional eleven.


Decision Making


Future At Stake

Unfortunately, the dates of the trials coincided with that of his board exams, another choice needed to be made with the future at stake.

He chose trials and planned to go for them instead of preparing for papers.

The decision was not supported by his family members, who found it folly to put the game over his career, but they missed that it was passion over the job and not the latter.

However, their disappointment and anger vanished soon after announcing the trial results.

The kid, now grown up to be a teen, was selected amongst the best eleven players of the region; he was offered a contract alongside a stipend that motivated a family under economic crisis.


The Road To Success

The guy kept rising amongst the ranks, impressing the selectors, getting praised around the state, and finally getting a job at the railways.

The entire days and nights kept him on the right track and took him to where he was then.

The job at the railways wasn’t mainly a job that required him to be present at all times, but it was a prerequisite to sign up for a strong team: The Railways.

His performance at the trials was impressive and fell short of impressing the coaches, who rewarded him with a name in the best eleven.

A Bumpy Road

As it said, success doesn’t come easy; the same stayed true for the boy who started coming across hurdles.

He spent a year at the job earning a reasonable salary to support his family back home.

However, the job soon became an obstacle as his career was stuck.

He couldn’t improve his game, and the rejection of the Ranji trophy was a decisive blow that left him depressed.

Life became hectic, and as he later stated in an interview, “those hurrying runs from a ticket post to another, between train stops, felt like a burden not on my feet but my soul.

I felt like quitting the job, cricket, or life.” The job’s financial support was a convincing perk but was equally strong as a barrier holding him and his career back.

He was again presented with another choice, the most important of the ones he had made.


Not An Easy Task


What Would You Do?

At this point, anyone in the world would have felt confused; at one end was a stable job that provided limited opportunity to prosper; however, it bought in some bucks that kept the family alive and their lives running.


Along with it, leaving the job would mean upsetting the parents again.

On the other hand, his way back home, to the town where he was made, is an opportunity to regain the lost charm, a chance of possible path to success, but when it is said a “chance,” we mean it.

There was no guarantee of achieving the dreams, and leaving the job would mean a considerable economic and social risk.

Video Credit – Ben Lionel Scott


Let’s take a moment and put yourselves in his shoes; what would you choose?

A Vital Decision And Rewards

It was a time of great distress, but all it took was a passing train and cold breezes to decide.

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The decision was made, and a journey back home was coming.

Fast forward to the year 2011, in a stadium fully packed with an audience that loved their captain, stood a man with hopes of 1.3 billion people; standing as a batsman against a fierce bowler, with a deadly stance at his peak bowling toe crushing yorkers, would have never been easy and another choice awaited.



Hitting the ball a helicopter shot and making the shot one for the history books or simply guiding it towards the corners of the ground for a comfortable victory, he did what he has always done.

A helicopter shot went straight into the stands, and the world cup was back home.


Career Choices To Make

Career Choices- Introduction

The story narrated above was of the legendary Indian captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, whose ambitious choices took him from a guy struggling to fulfill finances to one of the richest cricketers on the planet.

Life is full of turns, and each new day requires you to make recent decisions. Some of them would go in your favor, while some of them would put you in trouble.

Making career choices is similar to making everyday choices; however, this decision profoundly influences your future life.

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You would indeed get confused between numerous possible career choices, but I have a solution for it.

The article puts forward the five best career choices to choose in 2020 with high prospects for a bright future.

Top 5 Career Choices Around The World

Data Scientist

Data scientists’ demand is increasing, and the career will be a new trend in the next few years. 

Despite the massive demand for data scientists, the profession is opted by only a small number of students around the globe.

According to a report, the U.S. will have around 180,000 fewer data scientists by 2020. Similarly, in India, the profession is also growing, but the students are unconvinced of exploring a data scientist career.

In India, a possible shortage of 200,000 fewer Data Scientists occurred in 2019. 

Data scientists are responsible for computing large amounts of data and complex issues that need to be solved.

According to Indeed. Co, the average salary of a data scientist in the U.K. is around £53,623 per year.


Data Scientist


Full Stack Engineer

In 2019, the I.T. industry generated approximately $177 Billion of revenue for India, and economists believe it would grow faster in 2020-21.

The I.T. Industry is comprised of Programmers, Developers, and Full Stack Engineers.

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The Full-Stack Engineers are responsible for developing applications and websites from the backend and frontend.

The Current demand for Full Stack Engineers is rising as the traditional shops move to online stores. Also, the industries are moving towards digitalization.

This means all online stores and software will operate over the Internet, indeed boosting India’s I.T. industry. 

Well, Full-Stack Engineers are highly paid employees in the companies. According to Upgrad, Full-Stack Engineers are paid INR 6,23,920 per annum.

There are several ways to become a Full Stack Engineer. You can enroll yourself in any of the institutions or learn it from Online Academies.

Robotics Engineer

We have seen some exceptional development in technology in recent years.

Conventional cars are being replaced by autonomous self-driving vehicles, while the industry workforce is substituted by automated robots and machinery.

According to recent research, Robots will obsolete at least 20 million Jobs by 2030.

That means there will be massive growth in robotics, and there will be a need for more robotics engineers in the coming years to develop robots and make them more efficient.

That’s why I recommend you explore your career in Robotics Engineering because the field isn’t going to die out ever.

According to Payscale, a highly skilled robotics engineer in the U.K. earns £31000 every year.

Various institutes are offering a Robotics degree in India. A few of them I have listed below.

  1. SGT University, Gurgaon
  2. PSG College of Technology 
  3. Woxsen University

Customer Success Specialist

To operate a business successfully, you need a winning product and customer satisfaction.

Usually, Businesses can find the right product, but they cannot satisfy their customers, leading to their failure.

Thus, to prevent businesses from collapsing, the companies have started hiring Customer Success Specialists.


Who are Customer Success Specialists?

Customer Success specialists are responsible for assisting the consumer, revealing the root cause of a problem, quickly analyzing the potential solutions, and providing recommendations.

According to a recent survey, good interaction with the consumers can help brands & businesses flourish while establishing a solid foundation of loyal customers. 

Due to the rising demand for Customer Success Specialists, they enjoy $49,580 in the United States.

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If you are also interested in securing your career as Costumer support specialist, then the top Institutes in India for Customer Support Specialists are: 

  1. Inbound Service Fundamentals, HubSpot Academy
  2. Customer Success Manager (CSM) Certification, Success TRAINING

Do Something Great


Computer System Analyst

Computer Systems have become an essential requirement for every business, and all of their Industrial Plants and Machinery are linked to computers.

Thus, Businesses require computer systems analysts to help companies or organizations use computer technology effectively and efficiently.

According to Payscale, the average salary for a Computer Systems Analyst in the United Kingdom is £32000. Similarly, Computer System Analysts are also highly paid in India. 

The Conclusion

According to a report by Weebox, only 47% of graduates are employable in India, and the number is too small.

However, it had risen from 33% in 2018 to 47% in 2019. A few reasons assisted in improving the percentage of employability in India. 

Firstly, the students started to opt for discipline according to their interests, while in the past, students were forced to opt for either Engineering or Medical, which created unemployability.

Secondly, the government introduced programs that focused on learning skills. With the skills come an opportunity to earn online through freelancing platforms.

Lastly, the number of startups raised in India; helped create more jobs for the Graduates.

These were some of the reasons behind the improved numbers, but this isn’t the end.

 We all have to put in the efforts, including our government and every individual citizen of the state, for the country’s progress and prosperity.

Thank you, everyone, for your helpful response to my previous blogs and staying connected.

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