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Blogging Is Awesome @Rajtheblogger

My View Of Blogging

Blogging first started as a way to have an online personal weblog, in which a person would journal about their day. 

Blogging is far more prestigious than being used to address ideas and thoughts about certain people and their mindsets. 

It is a platform that provides you an opportunity to show people your view of the world.

Endorse them about the vital role a human plays in the development of human society. 

I started the blog to reimagine the possibilities for the education system. A person cannot change the world alone.

But when you and I join hands to refine our society, We may change the world too. 

Our Campaigns

The Idea To Improve The Education System

Sitting on a calm beach alone, praising the tranquillity and nature of the earth. The beautiful stars shone on the sand, making it sparkle like diamonds.

The shining not only raised the value of the sand but bought light to my mind too. The poor family was laid under the open sky in their rugged clothes.

They were not concerned with the beautiful scenery before them. The thing that bothered them was what to eat?

How to grow? And will our children have the same fate?

There was only one answer, “EDUCATION.”

My Goal

I started the blog with the sole aim of empowering society and bringing primary Education to the world. “to blog is to share. To connect, to create, to inspire”. 

Bringing each other closer to the essential concerns of our society that are not paid deserved heed to. We aim at reaching out to everyone. 

Resolving issues through active and productive discussions. We discuss ideas that ameliorate the world and its residence. 

Help a weak voice to be heard and bring an effective change to

the education system.

Education is the most potent weapon that can change the world.

Education And The Importance It Deserves

Education is the most vital tool for developing a nation, and it sets a country on the path to success.

Investing in the education system and research has developed the world unique.

It is considered the key to success. Countries that improved their educational system timely are far ahead of the rest of the world. 

Focusing on Education improves the country’s economic condition, and it helps produce skilled people that can resolve the problems in a better way. 

Education increases the workforce and lessens the income inequality in a country.

“Education is the idea that plays a difference between a follower and a leader.” Click To Tweet

Current Situation

We have come to a point where we are closer to our phones than our parents.

We have failed to identify the wrong in the bad. 

The next big war is an individual’s own and the battle to choose between truth or falsehood.

The decision between supporting justice or supporting power. Digitalized lives have taken a great deal from us. 

We fail to differentiate between using the device and it using it. It is about time to think and think about setting standards and improving lives.

Not opting between science or technology but using them together. Let’s join hands to bring a change to our lives.

Making the change from the ground up.

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The Greatest Purpose

Rajtheblogger.com was created for the most important purpose: to work and help humankind nourish.

We aim to provide a voice to those who are unheard of. 

Help those who are suffering from tyranny. It held the global leaders accountable for their actions and convinced them to rethink. 

Work towards the improvement of the world. We put all our words into revamping the education system and working for its betterment. 

Trying our best to promote equal distribution of primary Education.

Raise our voice for anyone deprived of the basic need. “Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it.

Today.”- Let’s join hands to nourish our generations to come!





Mathura – India 

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