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Life And Education

​“The way I see it, if you wish to admire the sensational colors of a rainbow, you will have to get through the exasperating rain.”

​Nothing in life comes easy, success is only exclusive to those who put their efforts into it, but some people are different.

They pave the roads for others to walk on and leave a legacy behind of a leader.

​At rajtheblogger.com, we have set our sights to pave the path for young learners and leave a legacy to follow.

“The definition of life is simple, as simple as to be explained in three easy words; “it goes on.’’

​We focus on raising absolute awareness for education and work tirelessly for its development.

​Education is for improving your fellow humans’ lives and leaving your community in a state better than how you found it.

Changing The Norm

Blogging has risen to fame since the beginning of the century, the number of readers has increased immensely over the period.

​Despite it being a courteous method, it has created a minor impact on the development of society towards education.

Education has unprecedented importance, and neglecting it shall lead to dire repercussions.

​We have devoted ourselves to the promotion and development of education and its stakeholders.

We started the blog to alleviate the education system to new highs, putting our efforts to improve the education culture and raising our voice to leaders worldwide.

​Education is bound to reach the skies; it is all upon us to decide whether to experience its success or spectate the change.​

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