New Policy Of Education In India 2020- India’s Move Towards Future | New Education Policy 2020 | NEP 2020

Why Old Education Policies Of India Failed Or Faced Criticism? Importance & Major Outcomes Of The New Policy of Education In India

Education is not about degrees and diplomas; it is all about knowledge and wisdom. – Nitin Namdeo

New Education Policy 2020 & Growth Of India’s Economy

A country’s economy becomes more productive with educated workers, as educated workers can work more efficiently and complete the tasks with greater accuracy.

“Reading a chapter of engineering won’t help, but doing experiments will surely do and will improve your engineering skills.”

The policy on paper looks convincing. Nevertheless, it would require better implementation and close accountability if the plans were positive.

“Sometimes good and evil aren’t so much opposite as two sides of the coin, you toss it one way it looks good, toss it the other way it looks evil, sometimes it depends on which end of the gun you are on”- K.Hamilton.