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In this article, I would like to share my thoughts about modern and conventional education systems—four Reasons Why Education Institutions Should adopt modern Learning systems. 

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Let me share the story of Yahoo so that you can understand the importance of developing our education system with time.

When we think about an internet phenomenon, we might have Facebook and google at the top of our ranks while TikTok follows closely; things would have been pretty different if we were writing the blog twenty years earlier during the beginning of the decade.

The earliest form of search engine that gained worldwide popularity was Yahoo; you may be able to recall the name from your past.

Yahoo was an internet phenomenon with one of the worst falls in history.


Modernization and its effects.


Modernization And Its Effects

Today, we deal with the modern vs. conventional approach of our educational systems; the year 2020 was a hurried example of how the contemporary world of education might look.

There is a fair share of advantages and disadvantages for the advocates of virtual classes system, but it all comes to what decisions are taken and how they are executed.

The above examples, Facebook, Yahoo, and Google, were three examples of how modernization impacted the internet.

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There are several similar sequels in the lifetime of Yahoo that we could anticipate for our education systems.

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Story Of Yahoo

The Beginning And Growth Of Yahoo

Yahoo was founded by two Stanford graduates, David Filo and Jerry Yang, they had a passion for bringing an evolution in the electronic media, and they partly did.

Yahoo started as a social media website, but by 2003 it had everything we are using today. 

Many of our favorite apps were an evolution of a system started by YouTube; for instance, today, most of us use Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube, but we don’t know their origin.

Spotify is highly inspired by YouTube music; it was integrated into the search engine.

Allowing similar features to what we have in an online music player at a freemium pricing strategy, the first 100 songs in a week were allowed to be downloaded free.

Additional charges occur if the count exceeds it. 


Similarly, Instagram is an evolution of Tumblr; you may be able to recall the name as it still exists separately from Yahoo.

Tumblr was integrated into the search engine during the 2000 boom; it allowed the users to have separate accounts and share their stories and pictures.

YouTube has got some similarities with broadcast.com, which Yahoo acquired in 2001. the software was top-rated due to its features; it allowed the users to have videos for any purpose at a click.


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The Financial Records-

Yahoo got massive popularity worldwide, but the name wasn’t only limited to rage; the stakeholders had substantial financial returns.

The company clocked 125 billion dollars in 2000, a record for any dot com business.

It was a huge success and persuaded many more entrepreneurs to invest in online systems. 

A Missed Opportunity-

In 2006, yahoo had an opportunity to buy Facebook for 1 billion.

Thanks to the rise in popularity and a customer base of 700 million, Yahoo saw the social networking site as a good investment prospect, thus presenting Mark Zuckerberg and the other shareholders an offer of 1 billion for the software.

The negotiations began, and many felt that the purchase might happen. Yahoo was determined to purchase it for a billion until the value of Yahoo’s shares fell, and it had to reduce the offer price to 800 million; the offer wasn’t accepted by Mark Zuckerberg, who, according to a director, would have agreed to the deal had the billion-dollar offer increased to 1.1 billion.

Luck doesn’t always favor you. The inability to see the future stopped Yahoo from making probably their most successful purchase; the value of Facebook as of now is 370 billion, 370 times more than what Yahoo thought was too expensive for it.


The Rise Of Google

In the meantime, Yahoo has started facing its early downfall due to the rise of Google and its inability to compete in the search results, partly to be blamed for the bad decision making.

In 2003, Yahoo was presented with a search engine that was better optimized to show relevant results and create the right balance between paid and generic results; however, the directors turned down the offer.

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It wasn’t long after the rejection that the board member started to make hasty decisions to maintain their rank against a following fast google.

It led to some panic website purchases, known as the worst acquires by Forbes.

The acquisition of broadcast.com and Geocities were the two examples; having to spend a cumulative total of 10 billion on both the purchases, none of them could ease the road for Yahoo; instead, their customer base shrunk rapidly after the acquisition.


The rise of Google

The Fall Of Yahoo

Precisely, things kept on getting tough for the company and led to panic amongst the shareholders. A total of 18 CEO swaps in 8 years indicates the bleakness of the situation.

It wasn’t only the intense competition from google but some bad decision-making that made the situation at Yahoo worse.

Even at its decline, Microsoft was willing to pay $44.8 billion for the company; the bid was rejected; nevertheless, the tough times kept hovering over the company.

Three years after the offer, Yahoo was sold to Verizon for 4.8$ billion.

The story of Yahoo comes with a lesson for all of us that the right decision can take you places, and the worse ones would create an equally harmful impact.

Yahoo lost the race of modernization but will our education systems have the same fate?

This blog will discuss several fundamental changes we can expect when the non-conventional educational system takes over.

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4 Reasons Why Education Institutions Should adopt Modern Learning System

In recent years, especially during the outbreak of Covid19, Online Learning System has gained immense popularity, and it was adopted by a large number of Educational Institutions of the World.


Modern learning systems have numerous benefits, such as time flexibility or fewer expenses than traditional ones.

Let’s discuss some of the top reasons the modern learning system should be adopted by Educational Institutions and how beneficial it would be for learners.


modern Learning System.

Time Flexibility-

The most significant benefit that the modern learning system offers students or learners is time flexibility.

Most of the students work to meet their educational expenses. It’s relatively complex for them to continue both education and job simultaneously as, most of the time, their college schedule conflicts with a working schedule.

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Therefore, they have to opt for one of them, either their college class or job. Thus, making it extremely difficult for them to study while doing 9 to 5 Jobs.

However, Modern Learning System eliminates such online portals for students who access recorded lectures without any time restriction.

Educational institutions can ensure that students learn without facing any trouble by implementing a modern learning system. Thus, making the process of learning convenient for students.

Fewer Expenses-

There is nothing wrong with saying that “On-campus learning is quite expensive for Traditional Learning System.” While studying on-campus, students have to pay a lot of Fees.

Aside from on-campus charges, students from other cities have to pay colossal transportation and Hostel charges.

Thus, making on-campus studying extremely expensive for a financially weak student.

Meanwhile, the Online Learning System or Traditional Learning System is an excellent alternative in such situations as the students don’t need to pay transportation and hostel charges.

Also, the regular fees for Off-campus classes are considerably lower than on-campus. Thus, allowing students to continue their studies while saving big bucks.

A Broader, Global Perspective-

While studying through online programs, students interact with teachers and fellows from across the globe.

They interact with people from other regions, share their ideas and opinions, and discuss their queries.

They develop a network with people from all around the globe. That means they have more information and knowledge about their particular subject.

However, students have face-to-face interaction during on-campus learning, but unfortunately, the number of students in a class is restricted to 40 to 50.

Therefore, interaction among students is considerably lower than the modern learning system.

Furthermore, when students interact with their fellows from other regions, they exchange information about their culture and traditions.

Thus, improving their communication skills. If you are also looking for global interaction, a modern learning system shall be an excellent option for you.

Ameliorate Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills-

The Traditional Learning System is more dependent on the Educator, where the Teacher assists students.

For instance; If a student has difficulty understanding a query, they ask the teacher to help them out.

However, the modern learning system is more dependent on Students, as the teachers and students have minimal interaction.

Therefore, students have to search over the Internet to solve their queries.

Doing this makes students less dependent on teachers and develops problem-solving & critical thinking skills.

Nowadays, Businesses and Firms hire a candidate who has good problem-solving skills. 

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Final Words

Modern Learning System is a great option to engage students and improve their academic performance.

However, there is various risk associated with it. The risk associated with Modern Learning System includes:

  • Cheating Prevention is Quite Complicated During Online Exams.
  • Modern Learning System Focus on Theory Rather Than Practical Work.
  • Lacks Face to Face Interaction of Students.
  • Limited to Certain Discipline.

These were some of the few drawbacks of the Modern Learning System That Teachers or students face.

However, Technology is revolutionizing rapidly, and now there are numerous tools available on the Internet that aim to ensure a Fair Exam.

But the risk of Cheating can’t be entirely neglected. Similarly, there is multiple software available that can assist students in learning practical knowledge.

Nevertheless, In the coming years, we can expect more advancements to improve the online learning system.

Meanwhile, the Modern Learning System in Educational Institutions of India would surely bring great results and facilitate students’ overall learning process.

Also, the students residing in villages or small cities would get a quality education. 

Here is a quote by Keith Bachman. 

”In times where small instructor-led classrooms tend to be the exception, electronic learning solution can offer more collaboration and peers, as well as higher success rates than the alternatives.”


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