In this blog post, I would like to share something significant for our coming generation.

How can podcasting make learning better for the next generation? Five reasons podcast makes education and learning better.

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Importance Of Decision-Making

Have you ever thought of trying something new? Well, everyone has to make crucial decisions that will have an impact on their entire life. 

Whether you are a student looking for a new college or a professional looking to start a new business, you would be risking your future at one decision. 

If the decision goes right, you will probably have a fantastic future waiting for you, but if, for some reason, it turns out wrong, the consequences will haunt you for your entire life.


There has been a rising trend amongst consultancy and counseling services worldwide; it is mainly because people have realized that everyone trying something new seeks guidance. 

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Have you ever visited a consultant? If you had, you would second that the consultants don’t usually do anything that requires hard work, all they do is charge you for providing and adding up on your ideas, but do we consider it unfair? Absolutely not. 




Short Story

Here is a short story that would help you understand why we rate consultants as essential professionals.

During the making and trial of the sea’s royal Caribbean allure, the ship failed to divert load on the engine once it started its journey. 

It was worrying for the producers, as this inability meant additional fuel was required and an increased burden on the engine that would lead to more excellent wear and tear. 

During its production, the ship was one of the most expensive ships; it wasn’t only luxurious and made with the most delicate quality equipment to make it fast and efficient.

Must Watch – Video Credit: Lasseter’s Lab


The problem meant that the ship would never be able to work at its potential, and no buyer would be willing to invest their piles of money in purchasing it. 

It was a testing time for the producers; they ordered all the boat technicians to try their efforts to correct the fault. 

The efforts kept on for more than 13 days, but no good results followed. The technicians could not understand the cause of the defect, and now there were two options left for them. 

The first one was to rebuild the engine with a greater capacity to adjust to the additional load. The latter was to hire a ship artisan who could provide a reasonable solution. 

Rebuilding the engine was time-consuming and extremely expensive; therefore, the producers thought of the second option. 

The artisan was called for; he had a staggering fee of $10000 for each day he spent at the maintenance.

The artisan visited the boat and analyzed the problem; he kept looking around the engine area and was good enough to identify the problem.

He asked the workers for a hammer and tapped the diverting pipe. 

Suddenly, a sound of liquid flowing could be heard. The engine fluid had become way too thick to flow easily due to the weather conditions. 

Once the oil started flowing, the problem was gone, and the ship was back to its best.

Now, come the payment period for the artisan; although the producer was happy enough to pay the full fee with an additional bonus, he was still surprised by the staggering demand. 

He inquired the artisan why he needed a whopping $10000 for a job that was all about some small taps.

The artisan smiled at the producer and said, “I charge two dollars for the taps and the remaining $9998 for knowing where and how to tap”.

Although the story is mythical, its lesson is as real as it gets; you may find professional who charges a way higher price for seemingly simple jobs, such as consultants, but what we miss is the fact that they are only people who know the tips and tricks to make your idea an enjoyable reality. 

Having read till here, you might be wondering what do consultants have to do with podcasts

Now, let me establish the link between the two visibly unrelated concepts without wasting any further time.

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Precisely, consultants refer to professionals who could provide help to you in your newer pursuits; they can be anyone from teachers, established people in business, or experienced people. 

Their job is to ensure that you are well informed about the requirements and impacts of your next move.

Why would people listen to podcasts? Steve Lubetkin, one of the highest-rated podcasters, says-

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In simpler words, podcasts are a cheaper, more specific, and easily accessible version of consultancy services.

The best thing is you could listen to a podcast whenever you feel like it.


Brief-Introduction To Podcasting

According to experts from the University of Hawaii, “A podcast is a digital media file or a series of such files, that is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and personal computers.” 

For someone unfamiliar with the term may find the concept mind-bending. Let’s understand it in simple terms.

A podcast is a digital media file such as audio, downloaded and listened to on almost every device. 

Usually, podcasts are uploaded in a series, with a schedule either in a day or month.

According to a survey, the number of Americans listening to a podcast grew by 120% in the last four years. 

Furthermore, the survey also found that nearly 90 million Americans listen to a podcast once a month.

Now, you would have got a better idea about podcasting. Let discuss further how it can make the learning better.



Five Reasons Podcast Makes Learning Better


Flexibility In Learning: 

One of the most significant benefits of acquiring information through podcasts is that it is flexible, and it gives freedom to students to learn from anywhere and anytime. 

They aren’t bound to follow the schedule, and all they need to do is subscribe to the platforms.

After that, they would receive the podcast on their smartphones, listening to it while waiting for the bus or during their leisure time. 

Thus, making it very truly convenient and flexible for students.

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Moreover, several platforms offer free educational podcasts, mainly for assisting students during the learning process. 

Here are some of the best podcast apps and websites for students.

  1. Pinna
  2. GarageBand
  3. Listenwise
  4. Science Friday
  5. Soundtrap
  6. Anchor
  7. Apple Podcast
  8. Science Update


Students Listen for Longer Than Read:

It is considerably more accessible for students to listen to 30 minutes podcasts; rather than attending a 30 minutes lecture. 

It is just because the unconventional or modern way of acquiring knowledge through podcasts is exciting and appealing to students compared to the traditional methods, which are based on gaining information by reading books. 

Therefore, students find it exciting and prefer learning through modern teaching methods.

Moreover, during physical learning, students are required to concentrate on the lecture fully.

If their attentions distract for even a few minutes, they are likely to face difficulties understanding the actual concept. 

However, the situation is relatively different while learning through podcasts. Students have more control.

Even if their attention distracts, they can pause or listen to that particular part again.

Must Watch – Video Credit: Teachers Making The Basics Fun


Encourage Student Learning:

The most significant advantage associated with learning through podcasts is that it encourages students’ collaboration. 

For instance: Teachers can create podcast channels that are mainly for the students of that institution.

Through that podcasting channel, students would have the opportunity to share their queries with teachers or other classmates. 

Furthermore, they can discuss ongoing projects. It allows students to take control of an aspect of their education and, therefore, encourages engagement.


Anyone can listen to podcast


Benefits for Mental and Visual Impairments:

Podcasts are an excellent substitute for students undergoing visual or mental disorders such as Dyslexia. 

In such circumstances, the modern teaching method is helpful enough to assist students encountering mental or visual disturbances. 

It would let them continue their studies without having any adverse effect on their health. 


Make Up for Missed Classes:

There are situations when students/learners find it difficult to attend on-campus lectures.

The reasons may be various such as they mightn’t be physically fit or their 9-5 job may be a hurdle in attending the on-campus class. 

In such circumstances, the actual loss is of students as they have to choose one of them, either their on-campus lecture or their 9-5 job.

However, the situation is relatively different when it comes to continuing studies through podcasts as it helps students balance their studies and their work-life simultaneously. 

Furthermore, if a student misses a class while studying on-campus, they must schedule the time with the teacher for the missed classes.

It becomes relatively challenging for a teacher to schedule make-up classes in most situations due to their busy schedule. 

However, modern teaching and learning methods are an effective solution to such challenges. 


Build a skill


It Develops Lifelong Skills:

It develops various skills in students such as research, critical thinking, problem-solving, engaging, and interacting with an audience that is relatively helpful when they step in.


The Conclusion

These were a few benefits that students can acquire by taking the assistance of educational podcasts

In fact, it can be an excellent tool for the next generation to improve the learning process.

However, some flaws, such as fairness and transparency, need to be addressed to use entirely for educational purposes.

Here it comes to the end of this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I would love to hear your comments about how we can implement modern teaching methods. 


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