In this post, I would be sharing my thoughts about how the Internet changed the way we think or has made our lives easy? What are the positive side and the negative?

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Story: Thoughts become things: How can thoughts impact our lives?
Our way of thinking and its impact on our lives.	
Internet & It's Impact on Today's Generation.
The Positive Takes from the Internet.
Six Ways the Internet Changed the Way We Think and Live.
The Conclusion

Let me start this one with a fantastic story about two brothers who invented the airplane, and this is all started with a thought. Please read the complete article for a better understanding.

The News From The BBC

In the 1900s, BBC, the famous newspaper, published a headline that stated any expectation of having an airplane before at least 100 years back was merely a thread of a freshly woven dream.

The report quoted the umpteen times of the failed attempts to invent the flying machine and the humungous financial losses incurred to the sponsors.

It added that the scientists’ technology was neither sufficient nor adequate to provide any aid towards developing such a gizmo.

Although the BBC has been a credible and reliable source of news over time, the report they produced was proven wrong just in several years.

The Present That Mattered

Wilbur and Orville Wright were two brothers who were fond of air travel. Their father brought them a helicopter as a present when they were young; they loved the gift and enjoyed playing with it.

Although the aircraft could not fly by itself, it induced the love of flying in the two brothers.

Once the helicopter broke down after falling from a small cliff, the brothers spent time fixing it. Still, it went in vain because the helicopter’s weight increased after repairing, and it turned cumbersome to fly.


The Power Of Thoughts

Even though the helicopter did not fly, it summoned the idea of inventing a machine that could fly passengers in the two brothers.

In 1902, the two brothers made their first attempt to have a device similar to the helicopter; it was not mainly an airplane but a glider with a motor attached.

Although the glider did not work as the brothers expected it to, it unveiled the airplane requirements and provided them with useful guidance.

The brothers made numerous changes to the sample model. They took various attempts, but all went in vain until one beautiful morning.

The Result Day

As per various resources, it was a frosty morning of December 17, and the year was 1903 when the two young boys took their newly designed model to the ground for testing.

One of the brothers stayed in the glider to control it while the other remained on the ground to adjust the throttle and the thrust.

As one of them started the machine, productive results were visible. The airplane took off and started flying. On that day,

Wilbur and Orville Wright made four short flights in the open land of kitty hawk; all of the trips were a success.

On that day, all scientific researches were proven wrong in front of the thinking of a man who made the impossible possible by just doing as his mind instructed.

Our way of thinking and its impact on our lives

Our Way Of Thinking And Its Impact On Our Lives

The story gives us various lessons about hard work, commitment, and dedication, but the most important of them is the impact, I think.

It is never about believing what people say is right but proving our thoughts as practical, applicable, and a reality.

The Internet has played an essential part in changing the way we think. It has exposed our thinking to unique and latest methods worldwide, which we would not have come across in a hundred years had the Internet not existed.

Be it the ability to comprehend things better or think of concepts from various points of view, the Internet has broadened our horizons and provided us with a widened vision to analyze, interpret, and execute different ideas as per practicality.

Internet & Its Impact On Today’s Generation

The Internet has revolutionized the world. It has changed how we communicate, acquire information, entertain, and assume ourselves and the environment.

Today the Internet has become a significant part of our lives.

The Internet has a considerable impact on today’s generation. Here are some adverse effects of the Internet on today’s generation.

Internet- An Addiction

Most of the young ones are now addicted to the Internet. They waste their valuable time using social media platforms, which can bring positive yields if used better.

Researches have quantified that around 45% of teenagers use the Internet to communicate socially.

Effect On Health

Sitting on a laptop or computer harms health. Prolonged use of laptops or mobiles may lead to vision problems, disturbance of metabolism, and pain in the shoulder or neck.

Similarly, the Internet has also kept the young generation away from physical activities. Our young age prefers to play games or use social media than playing outdoor.

Internet And Students Distraction

Social media not only snatches your time, but it also teaches you attention deficiency.”

The Internet has distracted young students from academics.

They are happier to maintain their Social Media profiles rather than maintaining their Academic profiles.

When students use the Internet for entertainment purposes, they are distracted from studies that reduce their productivity.

According to Surveys, students with frequent Internet usage for entertainment tend to be more distracted from academics and have lower grades.

The Positive Takes from Internet

The Positive Takes from the Internet

The Internet could be a positive step towards education, organization, and participation in a meaningful society.

There are a lot of positive impacts of the Internet. The Internet has benefitted everyone all around the world. The Internet has improved Education.

It has reduced the amount of time that is consumed in research. The Internet has also helped banking sect­­or. It has made the payment transfer method secure and faster.

The Internet has also helped industries by automating the systems and increasing their productivity. Along with all these positive impacts, the Internet has also reduced the communication Barrier.

It is super easy to connect with anyone from any part of the world with a reliable Internet connection.


Six Ways The Internet Changed The Way We Think and Live

As I mentioned above, the Internet has profoundly impacted our thinking and has influenced how we live. Judging the change to be positive or negative

is to the people who are recipients of the change.

Still, as supporters of world education and peace, we always appreciate the good things while criticizing and correcting the odds.

Widespread Knowledge

“For highly motivated learners, it’s not like knowledge is a secret, and somehow the internet has helped learners became familiar with it, it just made knowledge easier to find.”- Bill gates.

The idea of the Internet as a spread of knowledge has been discussed for a long time now, and it has been debated about the positive or negative impact it brings to the students.

But one thing is undoubted, the Internet has simplified the way to find knowledge on any subject you want, and this is all that motivated learners to wish to have.

Transformation Into A Global Village

“The Internet is a communication medium that allowed for the first time, the communication of many to many, in the chosen time, over a global scale”-Manuel Castells.

The Internet has provided people with the absolute differences to connect over a single platform.

Along with it, freedom of speech has helped spread ideas and thinking patterns worldwide, which had influenced the thinking patterns and lifestyles of people around the globe.

Transformation into a global village

Internet And Memory

In this Digital Era, the Internet has changed the way we store information in our brains.

People don’t prefer to memorize knowledge. They prefer to check on the Internet and get the answer anytime because they have access to information through the Internet.

New Researches has revealed that frequent use of the Internet is worsening our memory.

Internet Evolved The Culture Of Book Reading

The Internet has allowed accessing billions of web pages with a single click that directly increases our knowledge.

Now people can easily access thousands of topics without the help of books. What they need is the Internet and mobile to access the information.

The Internet has changed the book reading culture because it is cheaper and faster than the traditional way.

Remote Work

In the 21st Century, the Internet has eased the life of millions of workers. With access to the Internet, millions of workers are performing their duties from their homes.

Following the current pandemic, the Internet has helped employees worldwide manage their jobs.

It saves the valuable time of workers and is a productive way of performing their roles.

Promoted Online Shopping

Times are passed when you had to go to the mall and stores to shop for a product. The Internet has completely revamped the way we shop or Buy.

With access to thousands of online stores on the Internet, it is super easy to buy anything while saving your time being stuck in traffic.

It has revolutionized the way we think about shopping; with everything at a lag of a single click, we are modernized to accept the ease and appreciate the positive change.

The Conclusion

The Internet represents one of the most successful and fruit-bearing examples of the advantages of sustained investment, commitment to research, and information infrastructure development.

The Internet has had a vast influence on people and the way they think around the globe; it has brought positive and negative results for its recipients.

Everything in the world has two sides, no one is entirely perfect, and no one is purely evil. It is just like things appear to us as we perceive them to be.

The Internet can be a blessing in disguise or a curse in the good times; it is about how we use it.

The Internet was invented to facilitate humans. It shall stay productive until it is used as per the requirements; however, its excessive use may lead to dire results for anyone.

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