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In this article, I would like to share my thoughts about how AI improved education in the last few years.

I would also discuss the importance of change in education or any field of life.

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Let’s move forward and read about the early development of what we see all around us.



Artificial Intelligence And The Development Of Education


The world is modernizing; most of our everyday items from the past century are replaced by technologically advanced alternatives. 

We went from a simple radio to cable television and then to an intelligent LED, and now news suggests that we might have an AI-enabled TV sooner than ever. 

The TV would sense your mood and watch patterns to filter the best content for you.

AI refers to Artificial intelligence, which relates to programming situation-apt machines that change their working environment. 

Humans have never been slow, and development is inevitable; as soon as one feat is achieved, we aim at something better than that, and the cycle keeps on moving.

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The Early Development Of Cars-


Today, I will share the events surrounding cars’ development, how our modes of transportation changed from animal-powered buggies to the steam-powered engine, the petrol-powered engine, electric vehicles, modern hybrids, and finally, to driverless cars vehicles. 

It is a clear representation of technology how people in the 18th century wouldn’t have expected a car as modern as today. 

In contrast, most people from the 21st century would probably not know how buggies looked like.


Early development of cars


Animal Carts And Buggies-


From the beginning of human civilizations in the Indus valley, animal carts were standard for traveling from a place to another; they had varying purposes. 

A decorated elephant would be used to travel the royal families; the sepoys and other occupations would use horses, while the rest would use donkeys. 

Some sellers and traders also used camel carts to transport goods from one region to another.



Later in the day, after the development of wheels, buggies began to take over the world; these were similar to carts attached at the back of powerful animals and were often covered with a shade-like structure to protect the riders from the effects of the climate.


The Steam Engine-


In the 17th century, the first form of a steam engine was introduced; it had hand-operated valves, while the steam produced would exert force at the pistons, moving forward.

The early engines didn’t support the backward movement, and the piston would only restore backward when the steam pressure was reduced. 

The early development in the century included two essential steamers; one would create a force that would push the piston in the front direction, while the other would create pressure to ensure that the piston moved back swiftly. 

These early developments meant that the upward and backward motion could fetch water from the wells or be used in simple machines that require only vertical forces.

The steam engine was the change.


Thomas Newcomen’s Engine-


At the beginning of the 18th century, Thomas Newcomen brought a new outlook on the steam engine’s performance. 

While its predecessor only allowed forward and backward movement, Newcomen’s steam engine had a rotary motion, which meant that a wheel could be attached to the piston.

The force to rotate it would be generated with mechanical power for the first time. 

It was a big revolution, and the steam engine was inserted in trains, which made traveling between cities faster and smoother. 

However, the early steam engines had huge sizes, so setting them in a small car wasn’t possible.

Scientists put their hearts and souls into transportation within the next five decades, and finally, positive results came. 

The size of the steam engine was shrunk to a smaller size that could fit in a car.

The early cars were manufactured, these weren’t like the cars we had today, but their shape was more of an electrically powered buggy, with three wheels and an engine at the bottom.



James Watt’s Engine-


Newcomen’s steam engine was a potential invention, but it had several flaws.

The engine didn’t reutilize the steam once made, and it was allowed to leave the engine, which meant more energy was required, and the engine’s size needed to be bigger, some flaws that James Watt’s steam engine solved. 

In the late 18th century, James Watt came with a double condenser steam engine. 

The engine had a valve between condensers, and once the force of the steam had moved, the piston. 

It was transferred to the condenser, cooled back into the water, and passed on to the main engine again. 

Thus, the cycle would keep repeating; therefore, lesser energy was required, and the engine’s size could be reduced further.

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Despite these innovations to the engine, there were some troubles that the scientists couldn’t overcome; one of them was the time taken for the steam engine to start. 

As the water first needed to turn into steam in an apt quantity, it would exert force at the piston; only then would the engine start.

Video Credit- Gerd Leonhard


The Development Of Mechanical Engines And Ahead


The mechanical engines were in the market during the end of the 18th century; they were faster to start, required lesser space, and far more secondary fluid to work; hence, it was not surprising that it didn’t take a lot of time to replace the steam engine. 

The later progress was rapid; within a decade of the mechanical engine’s success, a fully electric-powered engine was developed that made far less noise and was environmentally suitable. 

The rapid developments in technology meant that the progress was faster, and within some time of the past inventions, the world had the first hybrid engine fit into the car. 

It made use of both gas and electricity to produce the torque. The hybrid engine was the blueprint of the vehicles we have today. 

Within some time, the cars were fitted with additional features, and by the beginning of the 21st century, we had driverless vehicles moving around in the world’s developed countries.


Education and Artificial intelligence



Now let me share a few ways by which AI has completely changed how we learn and grow.

Education And Artificial Intelligence


Education would follow a similar pattern as artificial intelligence is introduced to aid the processes. 

Our classroom development, classroom, and syllabus would be boosted as we take assistance with advanced technology. 

In this blog, I will be discussing several critical aspects of the integration of artificial intelligence in education.

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Five Ways AI Improved Education System


In today’s world, technology has transformed everything, whether our learning system or how we do business. 

Several years back, it was pretty challenging for businesses to communicate, trade, and transact with the buyers. But, now, technology has eased this trouble. 

With platforms such as Alibaba or Amazon, it is relatively easy to order anything from around the globe. Similarly, AI Technology has reshaped the Learning or Educational System. 

It made learning and acquiring skills more interesting, fun, and interactive for the students, especially kids. Let’s discuss how AI transformed Educational System.

Data has better Idea.


Easy Learning-


The conventional education system was entirely based on theory learning, and the primary focus of the system was learning the theory rather than implementing it. 

This is because there were no such tools available that allowed students to implement their concepts. 

However, with AI-enabled software’s students can implement it practically. The core components of a traditional classroom were only the whiteboard. 

However, the modern classes are equipped with tablets & virtual reality gadgets. 

With these gadgets, learning becomes fun, which kids find interesting. They can experience the concept that they have learned during the class.



Test Preparation Tools-


The test preparation tools have become quite popular in the recent few years.

The applications are pretty effective in preparing for the test as they are powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning that enables them to generate questions according to students’ requirements.

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Some of the best tools include Quizlet, Kaplan, Magoosh. Furthermore, Educational Institutions are also taking the benefits of such devices to ensure transparency and fairness. 

The programs are efficient compared to other methods and take the least time to generate the results. 


Artificial intelligence


Learning Programming Made Easy-


Programming is gaining popularity each passing day, and it is expected to create millions of jobs by 2025. 

It is just because everything is moving towards Automation. For instance; Several years back, No one would have thought about self-driving cars, but now it’s possible. 

Telsa is already working on it, expecting to launch in 2-3 years. It was just possible with AI & Machine Learning.

Numerous applications are introduced to the rise of programming that aim to ameliorate students’ or learners’ programming skills. 

The best thing about the applications is that they are AI-enabled, which allows them to do teachers’ jobs for students. 

For example; If a student commit’s a mistake while developing a program, the application will help to identify the error made by the students. 

Thus, saving their time and making it easier for them to learn to program.

Video Credit- Futurology


Online Learning Tools-


During the pandemic, the entire education system moved online as physical classes weren’t possible due to unexpected circumstances (COVID 19). 

The student took the help of several tools such as Coursera, Udacity, or edX to continue their education. 

The best thing about the tool is that the students don’t need a teacher or schedule their time to attend the class.

The Programs allow students to learn the courses without physically going to the Universities. The Applications are using AI to improve courses, targeting, and support services. 

AI has contributed a lot in the Education Field, and it made the process of learning practical, engaging for the learners. 

Not only that, Students Find it interesting to learn by implementing practical Knowledge rather than memorizing the concepts.  


Artificial intelligence

Access To Quality Content-


Automation has also made quality education available to a larger population in intellectual content.

The professors can design study resources customized to the students’ different requirements in other regions with AI applications. 


The Conclusion

Why Young Students Should Explore Their Career as an AI Engineer?

Securing your career in AI can be a great option to enjoy work-balance life and career growth. 

According to a recent study, the global AI software industry will grow approximately 54 percent in 2021. 

That means it would add millions of jobs for our young students. The most significant benefit of exploring a career as an AI engineer is that it would allow you to execute your job directly from your home. 

All you need is the skills, and you’re good to go.


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