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Listen to the podcast here! In this blog post, I will be talking about the education system in India.



How It Started And What Made It Unique?

Let me start with the history of the education system in India –

Why History?

I know not all of us like reading about history, but it will give us an overview of how it started and the changes in past years.

It is always great to know about history and learn from it.


History Matters


The Indian education system‘s history is divided into five parts: first was the Vedic age, the second was the middle age, third was the pre-British era, fourth was the British era, and then the modern education system.

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The Vedic Age ( How All Of This Initiated )

During this age, ancient scriptures known as veds, formed the solid foundation of Indian civilization.

The guruKul system of learning was based entirely on the Rig Veda principles since this book discovers the concepts of knowledge and basics of human life and living.

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The world-famous universities Nalanda and Taxila were established under the patronage of rulers at that time.

The Middle Age ( Evolution Of The Starting )

The earlier Brahmins scripts and language were gradually replaced by Arabic and Persian prominence during this age.

Primary education was conveyed in schools known as maktabs (Maktabs are an old-fashioned education method in Egypt and Muslim majority countries) and advanced language.

Pre-British Era ( Before Everything Was About to be Changed )

The beginning of modern education started with the missionaries who traveled to India as the Portuguese began settings up their colonies along the streets.

As time passed, those streets, schools were attached to churches and missionary offices.


The British Era ( The Major Change )

In 1800, Lord Wellesley, the governor-general of Fort William, established a college in his authority area where training was imparted to civil servants in vernacular languages.

Sir Charles Wood’s Despatch in 1854 established the Department of Education in different provinces.

The famous Indian universities of Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, Punjab, and Allahabad were established.

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The Modern India Education |Current Scenario After Complete Alterations

Today technology and globalization have made the world into a small village, because of which India is now among the popular destinations for students of foreign origin. Both government and private institutions actively provide education to people of all ages.

Current Education System In India

India’s current education system, which appears to be improvising every passing day, has caught everyone’s eye, including people outside India.

The Indian education system has constantly been inflamed by its historical experiences, which relate way thousands of years ago and include the Puranas Vedas.

India’s education system consists of pre-primary, primary, secondary, and senior secondary education, followed by higher education.

One can pursue his further studies with graduation or post-graduation level.

Sports have always been an essential part of the curriculum, but only selected children get the opportunity, Though the curriculum has improvised lately.

Deemed University – Institutions deemed to be university enjoy the academic status and privileges of a university, granted by the Department of Higher Education.

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Five Immediate Changes Required In the Indian Education System

As we have learned about the history of the Indian education system and its past for centuries, let me share a few changes. If implemented, these can make a difference.

  • Teach The Purpose Of Education:

Education is not always about becoming a famous person or a big gun in society; it should be humanism.

Students must be taught about the basics of life and humanistic values. If they know the fundamental importance of life, everything will fall in place.

  • Personalize Education:

Our education system should know the absorption power of every student. Every individual is different and should be treated differently.

It is not easy to understand the psychology of every individual, but it is not impossible.

  • Introduction of Technology:

We all know how technology has made our lives easy. In today’s world, we have information at our fingertips.

Indian schools must grip technology and education with an open heart and circulate the same to the school children as it is there, where their future lies. In rural areas, it is still missing.

  • Better Training of Educators:

Educators play the most critical role in schools, and hence, they should be given the best of class training. After all, they are shaping the future of the nation.

We need to have a system that can bring all educators under one umbrella, and it may be a portal for teachers only.

  • Rote (Memorization) learning:

We have progressed with time; however, we still have not moved away from rote learning.

Some of the replacements for rote learning include meaningful, associative, and active learning.



Education is an essential part of our lives, and we should respect each person who is putting effort into making it better for us.

At the same time, a few things have never been taught in schools, and let me share those with you.

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Nine Things You Were Never Taught In School That Are Essential for Success


  • Don’t Work For Money Let The Money Work For You:

We all work hard to make money and save it for the future; it is not about how much money you save; it is about how much money you invest in generating assets.

If you make money and invest – Instead of saving – you will have the money to worry less, do work you enjoy, and help others. You are only poor if you ‘give up.’

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  • Why Is Financial Literacy Important?

It is not about how much you make. It is how much money you keep. Retirement does not mean not working; your wealth should not stop growing.

If you are financially literate, you would always have multiple ways to make money and build wealth. You need to learn accounting and investing to become rich.



Difference between Asset and Liability:

Assets will always put money in your pocket and take your investment portfolio to the next level.

You have a few options to invest the money like gold, real estate, bonds, stocks, digital currency, and mutual funds ( Not financial advice ).

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Liabilities will always take money out of your pocket, like buying a house on a loan/mortgage & credit card.

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We go to school to learn to work hard for money; we never understand how to have money work hard for us.

The more you know about the power of money, the more diverse you grow.

You only need to buy income-generating assets; that is the best way to get started on your path to becoming wealthy. ‘’Definition of wealth- If you stop working today, how long could you survive’’?

‘’If you want to become rich, you need to be financially literate’’


  • Mind Your Business:

Our current education system prepares today’s youth to get good jobs, teaching us to work for money.

Minding your business means building your assets. Keep your daytime job but start buying real help, not liabilities or personal pieces of stuff that have no real value once you get back home.

The best example is buying a car that loses its value once out of the showroom. You have to grow your assets to become rich.

  • Taxes:

It is essential to learn about our taxation system to build wealth as it plays a vital role.

The more money you earn, the more taxes you pay. The harder you work, the more you pay in the form of taxes. Understanding the taxes will add more money to your assets.


                             Rich people- 1. Earn 2. Spend. 3. Pay Taxes.

                            Employees- 1. Earn 2. Pay Taxes 3. Spend.


As we all know that knowledge is a great power.

Great money comes with great power that requires the proper knowledge to keep it and make multiples.

  • Rich People Invent Money:

It is not always about the college degrees or grades that count; it takes a lot of hard work to learn money and invest.

Rich people always focus on building assets, they take risks by simply putting their money to work & they are still open to learning.

The poor and middle-class work for money; the rich let the money work for them.

Our mind is the most incredible power if we use it in the right direction. The more you learn, the more money you make.

  • Work To Learn Not To Earn:

Job security matters a lot to everyone, but learning should always be the goal in whatever you do. If you want to make money and grow your wealth learn how to sell.

Learn investing, accounting, marketing & law so that you can save taxes as rich people do.

  • How To Come Over The Obstacles?

The primary difference between rich and poor people is how they manage fear.

There are five main reasons why financially literate people are still unable to build wealth—these areas are mentioned below.

1. Fear

2. Cynicism (Doubt)

3. Laziness

4. Bad habits

5. Arrogance


Fear of losing money is real, and everyone has it, but what matters is how you handle the anxiety and manage fear.

Most people like to play it safe and do not want to take risks. As someone said, ‘Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.’

Cynicism has always been one of the main reasons for failure. If I put my money in real estate, what if it fails to deliver the returns I expect or lose the entire investment.

If you talk to someone who does not know, investing would fail.

Laziness– Working people are often the laziest; they are so busy that they cannot manage their money.

The only cure to laziness is to be a little greedy about money, passion, or something you love doing.

The way you think about money can do wonders. Stop saying I can’t afford it; instead, say how I can afford it?

Bad HabitsIt is vital to make a routine and follow it. We often waste a lot of time doing irrelevant or unproductive things.

Bad habits make us lazier. We can invest our spare time in learning about new things.

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Arrogance is the reason why people lose money. Arrogance is what I know and what I don’t know. What I know makes me money; what I don’t know loses me money.

Every time we are arrogant, we lose money. When you know that you are ignorant of something, start educating yourself by finding an export or a book about that subject.

  • Getting Started:

There is gold everywhere, and most people are not trained to see it. It is not easy to acquire wealth, but if you work on your skills and knowledge about finance, you will definitely find a way to reach the goal. The massage is the same, work hard, and start investing.

Most people prefer jobs as they are easy, and there is no risk involved. You have to have a big dream and follow it to get started.

It won’t work if you do not have a solid reason to start something.

Most people choose not to be rich as it is a hassle to be rich. 90% of people are happy being poor and do not have aspirations for more.

There is no get-rich-quick scheme that can make you wealthy without working hard.

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‘’Self-discipline is the number one deviating factor between the rich, poor & the middle class’’.

  • Still Wants More:

Stop doing what you are doing; what I mean is, start identifying what is working and what is not working.

Stop doing what is not working and look for new ideas. Take classes, learn online, or go on YouTube and find your answers. If you want to get rich, then Think Big.

‘’If you want more money simply change your thinking, every self-made person started small with an idea then turned it into something big’’.

What is in your head determines what should be in your hand.

There is a great book, ‘’Think and grow rich’’. The title is not to work hard and grow rich.

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Take Action –We all are given two great gifts, our minds & time, and it is up to us how we want to use it.

Every passing day we have an opportunity to decide how we want to spend our life. Choices are made today, not tomorrow.

The Conclusion

I firmly believe that education and religious existence can be evident in our history, aiming to serve society for human welfare.

Different places have various languages and other ways to worship. Similarly, education in different ways also aims to value nature.

Therefore the root of education should also become fruit.

Education helps irradiate ignorance, which means loving everyone living or dead.

One can question themselves by education absorb; otherwise, education is only a story, not an experience sharing for caring lives.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. I hope the article was worth reading and helped in some way.

Please share your thoughts, like, and comment.

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