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In this post, I would like to exchange thoughts about six in-demand skills youth must learn to succeed in 2020.

Skill development or traditional education; what is the right choice?

Let’s dive in:-

As I want to talk about six in-demand skills, I would like to share the spiel of a woodcutter with you to understand the importance of these skills.


The Story Of The Woodcutter

In former times there lived a woodcutter. The woodcutter was lucky enough to find a timber supplying company.

The timber merchant provided the woodcutter with a fair salary and an apartment in working conditions.

The woodcutter was entirely motivated to do the job because of the perks it brought.

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The job starts, and ready to do his best, he cut 21 trunks the first day. On the second day, despite the same efforts, he could only cut 17 trees.

On the third day, he tried his level best but could only cut ten trees. The plummeting numbers caught the woodcutter anxious.

He visited the merchant and told him the entire experience. The manager smiled and

gave the reply that sorted all the queries.

The manager asked the woodcutter about the period; the woodcutter had spent without sharpening his axe.

He replied that he had not honed the shaft as he was always busy cutting the trees.

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Shape Your Skill


This story tells us about the importance of continuous learning and skill development.

Now Let me discuss each point in detail.

The Importance Of Skill Development

The fictitious story above describes the importance of skills in one’s life. No matter how endowed you are in your profession, you shall eventually face a slump if you don’t practice your skills.

Video Credit – Danielle Esplin


Our education system has mainly been concerned with teaching us theories and focused little on real-life skills.

The world is changing; the priorities have modernized over time, and the importance of technical expertise has risen at full tilt.

The idea can be substantiated by the new law passed by the US Government.

The law suggests that education degrees are no longer required to clinch a job at the US office.

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Your skills determine the value you add to the firm you work for.

Despite its significant importance, skill development has been paid minor importance.

This is one of the weighty reasons that many graduates from reputable educational institutes were declared unemployable.


The Importance of Skill Development

Why Skill Development Is The Right Choice?

“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals”- Larry bird.

According to studies, more than 25% percent of fresh graduates fail to get a job in the first two years of their degree completion.

This 25% includes approximately 10 million graduates, who get out of their homes to search for a job, whose family awaits their financial support, and the rising social pressure puts them under the depression radar.

The increasing stress and anxiety have been a significant cause of rising suicidal rates.

Our education system has failed to realize the importance of skill development.

Skill development enhances the value of a resume, but it also helps you earn at a young age.

The best thing about skill development is the turnout it brings to you.

According to studies, 70% of skilled professionals can clinch a contract in their first month of learning.

The evolution of time has led to changes in firms’ requirements; they are mainly concerned about hiring people ready to work as soon as they join.

It is true; it adds a lot more cost in hiring a graduate that is not familiar with practical life than someone who has learned a skill.

Being skilled provides you with a trump card over your competitors and eases your way to a job that pays well.


Why Students Prefer Skill Development Over Traditional Education?

“All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners. They are looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they are not learning, they are not growing and not moving towards excellence”- Denis Waitley.

Time and time again, our education system has proved ineffective, inefficient, and unproductive.

Failing to cater to the needs of students has been a life-long attribute associated with the educational institute.

Students have always preferred to gain skills that can help them earn part-time while studying.

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Not to forget the impact motivational speakers have created over learners worldwide.

College dropouts who worked hard in their field indeed made it big.

Some famous examples include Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, and Evan Williams.

It is all about striving for the skill you are passionate about, and results shall follow.

Learning skills help you achieve a formidable earning over time, depending on how you commit yourself.

Although it may sound, educational institutes and skill learning contradict points, but they aren’t.

Education provides you with helpful support in gaining skills. It is the right time for educational institutes to reconsider their methods and look for ways that offer valuable assistance to students in their later lives.

Skill Development Programs In India

Although the number is relatively more minor, India has introduced several Skill Development Programs that have benefitted the youth.

This program aims to train unemployed or School Dropouts, teach Industry Relevant skills, and live a better livelihood.

At present, India can train around 3.1 million skill-based workforces per year. Currently, the Indian government is aiming to train 500 million skilled workers by 2022.


Skill Development Programs in India


The skill development programs create employment opportunities and boost Economic growth. If we keep stirring at the current pace, we can anticipate rapid development in the future.

Why India Needs Skill Development?

A significant part of the young population in India is unemployed. The reason behind this unemployment is a lack of skill and problem-solving abilities.

By introducing skill programs, the young ones could be nurtured to become skilled based individuals.

The skilled workforce would be crucial for success in Made in India, Digital India.

To attain all the objectives set by the government, India needs skill development programs of International standards.

India has the best opportunity of serving the international market by producing a skill-based workforce that shall bear fruits in the long run.

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Six In-Demand Skills Youth Must Learn

Mobile Application Developer

The mobile application development industry has shown rapid growth in the past five years.

The responsibility of an application developer is to build applications for mobile. Making an application requires programming skills.

The benefits of learning app development are numerous such as high salaries and increasing job opportunities as an app developer.

In India, the average salary of an application developer is $4100 per year.

According to an estimation, 12% growth is expected in application development jobs by 2024.

The best method to learn app development is YouTube without even paying them.

Cybersecurity- Ethical Hacking

Cybersecurity is an in-demand and fastest-growing field. Cybersecurity is the perfect field for people interested in operating systems, Networking, and protecting data from cyber-attacks.

The global cybersecurity market will grow from 170 billion in 2020 to 270 billion by 2026.

According to studies, the Cybersecurity marketplace in India is expected to grow to USD 3.1 billion by 2022.

Learning Cybersecurity would be the best option to secure an excellent job because the market is rising faster than other fields.


Writing has become a highly demanded skill. If you can inscribe compelling and engaging content, you can earn a handsome amount.

You can work as a freelancer and write blogs and articles, and stories for websites. You can also earn hundreds of dollars by building your website and posting the content on the site.

According to a survey, a freelance writer earns $1200 annually. Writing is an asset for so many job aspects.

Whether you need to write grants, create exhibitions, write press releases, or create an executive precipitate, writing articles or books is an important skill to learn.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is the best job if you can multitask and manage time.

The benefits of becoming a virtual assistant comprise having the flexibility of working hours and choosing a client per your likeliness.

Some skills can help you become a successful virtual assistant, including computer knowledge, fast typing, and excellent communication skills.

In India, on average, a Virtual expert assistant earns around $32000 annually.

Different websites offer a virtual assistant course that you can learn and become a certified Virtual assistant.

Graphic Designer

The demand for graphic designers has risen since the last decade.

Every Brand in the market is trying to bring creativity in the packaging and designing of their products.

If you are creative and can draw appealing designs, you must learn Graphic design.

There are thousands of job opportunities for graphic designers. You can work as a freelance or can work with any top-ranked company.

According to Surveys, on average Graphic designers can earn around $15,000 per year.

Learning Graphic design is more comfortable, and you can find many courses on YouTube that can make you an expert designer.

Learn AI |Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is growing at a faster rate than ever. It is predicted that AI will contribute 15.7 trillion to the world economy.

Pursuing your career in AI assures you a decent salary and promising opportunities that will help you grow.

Artificial Intelligence is considered the skill of a century. AI will create thousands of job opportunities for the skilled workforce.

The usual salary of an AI engineer ranges between $2000 to $6000. Many top Institutes are offering AI courses in India.

Get enrolled yourself for a promising future.

Video Credit- Raj Ramesh

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The Conclusion

Without developing a skill-based workforce, we can’t prosper in any field. Our Economy is based on our youth.

The more we focus on skill development programs, the better the result and the more competent our potential employees.


The Conclusion


Learning a skill might be a challenging task, but it’s the era’s requirement.

Those who focus on polishing skills shall be the best in their fields and tomorrows’ leaders.

We should make raise awareness about education and skills. Both Skill and Education are essential to succeed in the race of life.

As discussed above, A successful economic development strategy must improve the area’s workforce’s skills.

Let’s hope and keep ourselves united, make our country the skill capital of the world.

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Karine Gareau · December 5, 2020 at 7:41 pm

Learning new skills and developing old ones is so important. I know many people that did years of school and got the same jobs like the ones that went for full-time employment straight out of high school!

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Very informative,thanks

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Much needed and full of information

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