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I want to share a few tips to find the best job in 2020 and beyond in this post. In my previous post, I have already discussed the top five career choices to make in 2020. 

I am sure you would be able to relate to this post. I have received a few queries about how we can beat out the competition in jobs.

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Let me share a beautiful story as I always like to make my blog simple and easy to understand.


Let’s get started…

Story Of A Boy

The life In The Mountains-

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in a small town in the mountains. The area was famous for its wool and dry fruits.

Thus, most people would indulge in their production. The boy’s father was a nuts producer himself; therefore, from his early steps, the boy gained adequate knowledge about it.

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Inheriting A Business-

Nut production is a great business prospect, as it requires little production cost while a high revenue is generated by selling the product in the main cities.

Every neighborhood kid would grow up to be either a wool collector or a nut producer.

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They were already familiar with the process, so they needed little training and mapping to get into the field and start earning.


Do It Yourself!

Years passed, and it was the time for the boy to take the family’s economic burden from his father and be the flag-bearer.

His father was reluctant to hand over the business to his son as he felt that his son needed more experience and skills to be a successful trader.

Thus, he requested his son to look out for starting his own business, and if he could impress the father with his business idea, they would merge their businesses later on.


You Can Do It


The Serene River-

The boy knew that it was going to be difficult to start his journey as a producer.

Most of his friends had taken over their father’s business, and they were already off for a head start.

The competition was fierce, and any mistake would mean an irrecoverable loss.

After some serious brainstorming sessions near a beautiful river, the boy decided to sell something other than the two primary products. 


A Confused Situation-

But what else could he go with?

Living in the mountains meant that there was little to no prospect of setting up a manufacturing factory.

There are often power shortages, and low temperature meant huge fuel reserves were needed to keep things working.

Growing up in any crop was nearly impossible. The snow would hold the land covered for some months alongside the mountainous terrain, which required considerable effort to make farming compatible.


Lack of ideas and colossal stress would often drive the boy towards the river as it provided a beautiful scene and was a great source of relaxation, but what the boy didn’t realize at first was how it could be a great source of income.


An Amazing Idea

After losing to the mental pressure several days later, the boy returned to the river and sat by the bank.

On the other side of the bank, he saw some tourists with a fishing rod, their faces looked rejoiced, and their words expressed the love they had for these “rare” fishes.

He observed them for some time and hit upon an idea. The idea was to collect fish and sell them in cities. 

Think Outside The Box


The Golden Days-

The idea was better than the rest, as the business had to face no competition and storing the fish wouldn’t be a trouble as the weather was cold all around the year.

The next day, he bought some equipment and sat on the bank to collect some fishes; the idea worked out; he had filled his bucket in no time and sat his foot towards the market.

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As the fish was unique for the buyers, everything he had was quickly sold, and he made a good revenue. 


Things Turn Sour-

The same routine followed for some days, and it wasn’t long that the town’s people saw the boy’s business flourish.

The rising profits attracted more people towards the fish selling business; soon, the bank, which was once empty, became a crowded place.

The bank would be filled with anglers, trying their luck to find a good catch and make huge profits. As time went on, the overall yield started to decline drastically.

The number of fishes in the river was the same, and the reduced number meant reduced catch, which further harmed the profits.

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First Come, First Serve-

Things turned bleak for the new sellers as they faced colossal competition and rapid reduced depletion, which meant a reduced share of the already reduced profits.

However, it was all right and calm for the boy as he had already made huge profits and a commendable fortune by his business idea.


The Lesson From The Story

The factual story above is a great lesson for each one of us. The business ideas are multiple operational industries to choose from, the more people involved in an industry, the harder it will be to find a place in them.

It is better to look for a sector that comes with lesser competition.

The world is like a river of opportunities for us; although the options are massive, they would end if we kept missing them—each chance gone means increased competition for the remaining ones. 



The Current Situation And Its Solution-

 During the pandemic, India’s unemployment rate rose to an all-time high reaching 27.1% in June; approximately 120 million people were jobless.

Finding a job that offers the right salary package and decent fringe benefits is a treasure for anyone searching for a job.

However, you aren’t the only one looking for the glory; hence you must be equipped with everything that might be required in the pursuit.


I consider the “things that you must have” in this blog to find your dream job.


Prepare Thoroughly For The Job Interview-

Pre-preparation for the interview can be remarkably effective in acquiring the job.

A study from JDP reports that aspirants who are well-prepared for the job interview are more confident and assertive than others.

Now, I am pretty sure that you might be wondering about the best ways to get ready for the interview? Well, the answer is here.


To get into the company or position you desire, I recommend you go through commonly asked interview questions and develop responses to those questions.

Also, to stand out from others, you should thoroughly research the company & interviewer.

Lastly, ensure that you have carefully examined the job description.

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The more you can align yourself with these details, the more the employer will see you are qualified.

So, prepare yourself for the interview, and you will surely be successful in securing the job.

Job Interview


Build Your Reputation On LinkedIn

Today, everything is over the internet, from online stores to job recruitment websites.

Since everything is over the internet, it would be a mistake to ignore your presence on social media websites like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the leading social media sites for building your presence on the internet. Most of the firms hire candidates through LinkedIn.

According to the Jobvite 2015 recruiter nation survey, 84% of recruiters use social media in the recruitment process.

That’s why experts recommended creating a portfolio on LinkedIn.

Once you have set up your LinkedIn profile, follow these three tips to maximize the potential of your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.
  2. Highlight your current skills and objectives.
  3. Mention your recent experience.

You can also purchase your name as a domain name and develop a small website that showcases your expertise, experiences, education, and achievements. 


The First Impression Is Your CV

Your resume plays a crucial role in your search for a job. If you have a perfectly crafted CV, there are more prominent odds of securing the job.

Here are a few tips to polish your CV.

  • Choose an attractive and readable font. The preferred writing style is time new roman.
  • Be concise. Make sure it isn’t longer than 2 pages.
  • Add achievements to your expertise section.
  • Highlight your promotions in previous firms.
  • Proofread through tools like Grammarly.
  • Remove jargon terms from your CV.


Following the above tips shall help you draft a perfect CV that would surely succeed in acquiring the job.


Polish Your Skills-

To succeed in the job interview, you must make sure that you have polished your skills.

If you haven’t secured the job yet, then there is a higher probability that you lack the required skills.

According to recent research, candidates with better communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills get the job quicker than others. 

The USA has recently introduced a regulation that declares the applicant’s skills will be given priority over a college degree.

The decision by the USA government reflects the need for skills in the race of acquiring the job. Similarly, a private firm in India also prefers candidates with improved skills.

So, if you don’t have a perfect command of your skill, take the time, and polish your talent to secure the top job.


Explore Other Options Too-

Last but not least is exploring all the options. While searching for a job, ensure to avail yourself of every opportunity.

Explore every job recruiting platform, newspaper, company, social media site, and website.

Once you start applying through different media, it will boost the odds of being hired in the least time.

There are hundreds of Indian search platforms, including killerlaunch, naukri.com, and monster India. On these platforms, thousands of jobs are being posted on an everyday basis.

Now, make sure to explore all the options, and you will surely be successful in securing the desired job.




Final Words

Making India The Hub For Jobs-

According to the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, Google will invest $10 billion in India over the next five to seven years.

Not only that, Mr. Jeff Bezos said that Amazon would invest $1bn in India for digitizing small and medium businesses. 

These investments by the tech giants would indeed create millions of job opportunities in India.

The outcomes of such investments would be tremendous as they would increase employability in India. Currently, the employability rate in India stands at 39%.

However, experts predict that the employability rate shall jump with such massive investments.

Apart from it, the investment would also sustain the economy of India.

Meanwhile, the government of India should also encourage and fund startups based in India.

If the startups succeed, it wouldn’t only create jobs for the local people and lead to millions of dollars in India’s economy.

India is moving towards a new era of development and economic transformation.

It’s our responsibility to support the education responsibility of us all to support education and to create the conditions so that this information can reach every corner of the country.

I believe the information mentioned above would help you find your dream job and add some value to your life.

Thank you, everyone, for your incredible response to my previous blogs and for staying connected.

I would be grateful if you could share your thoughts about this post. You can send your ideas to hello@rajtheblogger.com.

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The blog is quite interesting and is more about the real life , not just this all the others blogs by him will inspire you to do something good for the wellbeing,achieve some goals in life. You have one life make it worth or waste it. That’s all I have learnt from his blogs and I appreciate for motivating people with such amazing thoughts! We need more of them.

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