In this article, I would like to share my thoughts about how anyone can prepare for an interview in 2021 and beyond. Five definite ways to crack an interview.

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Overview Of Interviews As Per Past Studies

According to a study, only 8 out of the 250 people who applied for a job would get selected for it. 

Although the share is pretty small, you would be surprised to know that only ten people are shortlisted for the final interviews while the remaining are eliminated in an earlier procedure.

It means that only 17.3% of the people that are shortlisted fail at getting the job.

Being amongst the best 4% yet ending up without getting a job is pretty depressive, probably because you have got everything on point except that final interview. 




Interviews are an essential part of your career; be it college admissions, community acceptance, or your jobs; at all these instances, you will have to present yourself in the best possible manner to please the interviewer.

Elon Musk is amongst the most famous people on the planet, and his entrepreneurial ideas are no short of exceptional. 

He has been a long supporter of skilled people regardless of their degrees or certificates. He is known to support his employees, supporting their innovation, creativity, and work freedom. 

During the covid-19 situation, Tesla employees had to suffer from wage cuts because of restricted operations.

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Elon Musk provided the employees with an equivalent share in the company; fortunately, as many people invested their wealth in the fortune 500 companies, the Tesla share rocketed and brought better results for the employees than it would have with their salaries.

TheElon MuskStrategy

Elon Musk was once inquired about the recruiting process in his company, mainly because he didn’t follow the conventional method of ranking people on their certificates. 

He described an elaborative process that turned out to be following the relevant researches. 

He said that hundreds of people know their jobs well but cannot get a professional university certificate for several reasons.


Prepare for interview


It is injustice with the people and an equal loss for the company that misses skilled people. 

He said that I begin the interview by asking the people about their most prominent achievements in the relevant field and presenting their accomplishments. 

As the company doesn’t believe in the certificate, we don’t prove its authenticity.

However, the method would work even if they had credentials because it isn’t tricky to develop manipulated certificates. 

Once the candidate has presented their successes, I pick on the best one and ask them the difficulties involved in the process and how they overcome these obstacles to succeed. 

Video credit- Professor Heather Austin

Now, I would look for their answers; anyone lying about their achievements would often have brief replies that are less likely to convince the interviewer. 

However, if someone is innocent, they would detail everything correctly and miss out on anything. 

Elon Musk says that difficulties are only beneficial if they would teach us lessons that would stay by our side forever, someone who has faced obstacles would remember them and know how to avoid/overcome them, so if the candidate could answer the question to perfection, he is strong enough to be on board.

“AIM” Research-

The method of Elon Musk is supported by scientific research. A survey conducted by the “Journal of Applied Research in memory and cognition” elaborated several ways to spot a liar during an interview. 

They came up with the idea of Asymmetric information management, also known as AIM.

The method suggests that people who make up ideas would often hesitate or miss out on essential facts about their beliefs. 

So if a candidate fails to answer your question with elaboration or has an improper sequence, there is a fair chance that he is lying about the achievements. 


AIM research


On the other hand, the team found that truth-tellers would provide more detailed, elaborative, and better-sequenced answers to account for their innocence.

The discussion above was about the importance of giving detailed answers in an interview; whenever you are presented with an opportunity to talk about your skills, you need to trust in yourself and avoid being humble, it is your time, the interviewer is interested in listening what you have to say about yourself. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t end up regretting missing an achievement or detailing another aspiring prospect about your personality. 

We understand that your first interview will bother you, get you nervous, and bring you nightmares; it is alright and expected. 

However, if you still fail to cope with the anxiety, what’s better than learning several vital tips and tricks to ace your interview and pose the best first impression. 

I have what you need; the latter section covers a detailed guide regarding tips to ace an interview that ends with a confirmed selection.


“Never be nervous given the opportunity to market your skills and talent. It’s the only time people are genuinely interested in hearing you talk about yourself”. 

Your first job interview is always a big step towards your future, and nervousness, anxiety, and stress are all going to cross your mind when you prepare for it.

An interview is your door to a job and probably a great future. Still, if it doesn’t sit well, you have just let an opportunity go, and in a time where there are hundreds of capable candidates, allowing a chance to go could be costly. 

While all your qualifications and CV elements may be commendable, a weak interview can be the only reason for your rejection. 

According to statistics, out of 250 candidates that apply for a job, only ten would be called on for the interview.

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Out of these ten, the rejection ratio is approximately 20%, so if you have made it in the top candidates and still failed to get the job, I doubt that the only problem was the failure to market yourself the correct way. 

Do you have an interview around the corner? Are you looking for valuable tips that would help you win the job? 

Well, then this blog has got you covered.

Video credit- Ankur Warikoo

Five Tips for Successful Interview

Research About the Company-

Every employer would look for an employee that shares the same goals as the company.

Fortunately, most companies publicly mention their objectives and values, and you must know about them before heading towards the interview. 

During your interview, you would be asked to talk about yourself and use the values and goals to impress the employer.

Don’t Act Casual-

This tip isn’t only for candidates appearing for business analyst review but for anyone who will appear in an interview any time soon. 

Although drops of sweat and a nervous expression on your face aren’t admirable, chewing gum or wearing colored goggles are equally unacceptable. 

It would be best to respect the employer and their basic principles to know you are a top delegate interested in working for the company.

Print Out Physical Copies of Your Resume & Samples-  

Although you have emailed your resume to the hiring manager, I recommend you print out 2-3 copies of your resume and take it with you. 

Make sure to store the copies in a stiff file, so they remain clean and crisp.

Furthermore, you can take some crucial samples with you, such as Project Plan, Project roadmap, or Business Requirement Documents you formulated while working in a previous role.


Take a print out.


Prepare Set of Questions- 

After the interview is ended, the interviewer might allow you to discuss queries that you have. 

The questions can be related to the position you have applied for, or they may be about the company. 

Therefore, the right approach is preparing a set of questions before you appear in the interview. 

Video credit – Learn English with Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons 

Below are some of the questions/queries that you may discuss with the interviewer.

  1. “How do you measure employee performance?”
  2. “Is there any opportunity for growth while working as a business analyst?”
  3. “What is the most challenging aspect of this role?”

Conduct The Mock Interview-

It is expected that you will be nervous before the interview. Therefore, the best approach to calm yourself down is by practicing mock interviews. 

You can find someone who is experienced in interviewing candidates and request him to conduct your interview. 

Once you’re done with the interview, make sure to ask for feedback and overcome the flaws. 

It wouldn’t only calm you and boost your confidence and help you give your best at the time of the final interview.

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Final Thoughts

There are probably various reasons for failing in the interview.

However, the most common causes include giving inconsistent responses to the interviewer’s queries, failing to explain why you’re perfect for this job, inappropriate body language.

These all flaws are linked to a lack of self-confidence. Therefore, ensure to stay confident while you appear in the interview. 

Furthermore, the blog also covered several tips on being successful in an interview. By following these tips, you would surely be successful in securing the job.

With this, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope you found it helpful. Furthermore, feel free to share your feedback in the comments. 


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