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Let’s dive in and learn about how important an education system is?

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If you pay attention to this article that it deserves, you will learn a lot about the basics of the world’s best education systems.

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This post would like to discuss the top 3 education systems and build a robust education culture.

Top 3 Education Systems In The World

If we want to make a powerful country, our youth must come forward and take responsibility for creating a mechanism for the education system.

What Is The Role Of The Education System And Its Importance?

This quote shows the importance of education:

If your plan is for one-year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years, educate people.'' Click To Tweet

Now My Questions Are:

  • Countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia have the same educational system, not like as ours?
  • Do we deserve the problems that we are facing in our society?
  • Is our purpose of education just for a job?
  • What makes their standard of living higher?

If you don’t understand questions, scroll down entirely without any attention, and if you know, then read it thoroughly for our bright future.

If you want to change, then start by cleaning your room.

India’s literacy rate is shallow globally, and Illiteracy is a problem in India. Yet, the Literacy rate in India in 2020 is 81.3%.

Kerala is the most literate state in India, with 93.91% literacy.

The literacy rate in the USA in 2019 was 99%. Australia’s literacy rate in 2019 was 99% since 2008, and that of the UK 99% in 2018.

These result-oriented changes show that the education system is essential for growth.

Check all the international rankings here:

The developed countries like the USA, UK, and Australia have developed their education and educational system.

They made more discoveries, researches, inventions, infrastructure, and many more to build their education system.

On the other hand, our literacy rate, growth rate, economic stability, the value of money, law, and order are almost nowhere or very low in reality.

The reason behind their success is that they made their education system clear, approachable, and unique, not profit-oriented in terms of making money.

We need to develop an educational system before developing education. For this, we need to know the education system, its importance, features, functions, and role precisely.

Our education system’s most critical role is to shape a brighter future for our nation’s students as specialists and citizens. It hinges on its ability to provide students with the skills to obtain well-paying, valued careers.


Changing Lives Through Education

The United Kingdom has a separate panel to develop monitoring to help children choose their careers.

They mainly granted the degree to those who have gotten their standard. Besides this, these countries allow individual facilities to teachers, researchers, scientists, and inventors.

For example, they invent a new thing, give him prizes, and name the designed object on their name.


The United States of America has categorized its education system into four parts: primary, secondary, bachelor, and professional degrees.

One of the most striking features of the US higher education system is its flexibility, provided through the number and diversity of institution types it encompasses.

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This diversity offers students options to specialize in various academic disciplines and even gain employment training.

They developed their system to attain 91% enrollment in the USA, and they have made themselves the superpower globally after developing their education system.

Regardless of institution type, students get credits when they complete courses divided into the core subjects.

The core subjects give a base to the individual degree. In an academic year, it has two terms. Some have a trimester system as well.

Australia has made education compulsory up to the age of sixteen. 60% of schools are maintained by the government.

Most universities are public, and the motive is to improve living standards without making money from the public in general.

Australia has developed its rules so that students mostly prefer to go to Australia for education.

Preschools are usually run by government and territory governments. One of them is they offer 3 or 5 years as an internship. Their teacher-to-student ratio is 1:30 in Australia.

Australia has devolved practical ways to reach heights, making it more attractive for foreign students.



The Term Education System is broadly and commonly used in news media and public discourse; it may be stimulating to define what term it refers to.

But the education system in comprehensive means a system of education refers to educating the children from kindergarten to high level in public school.

It is essential to identify the caliber in individual students for their educational journey in a specific field; simultaneously, students’ raw minds should be trained for an area to take it to the next level.

Education system studies taught in school are intended to make, implement, regulate, and maintain laws and orders relating to education development.

The education system provides the base for how a future action plan is imagined, executed, and shaped.

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Education is fundamental for a realistic approach for fruitful results.

Without an education system in place, the population leads nowhere. Therefore, to sensitize towards any situation or circumstance, it is crucial to understand this system’s importance, which will help us reach our common goals.

The personnel, qualification, administrative division, infrastructure, instructional and educational research, and professional developments are impossible without an education system.

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Making policies, rules, and reforms in education from core posts to the lowest is possible when efficient and robust authority prevails everywhere.

The education system is also vital for spreading awareness in making decisions and delivering rights/duties at every stage.

Its existence is the need for time to provide the right choice to the right person.

For better education, the best education system is essential and compulsory for our bright future. Then India will be a rising India.

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What Different Things They Do To Build A Fantastic Education Culture?

For the progress of any country, an influential education culture is necessary for living. But the questions are, how we can build such a lifestyle.

For this purpose, we should develop our education systems like the USA, UK, and Australia.

The differences between their education system and ours are explained below:

The education system of the highest-ranked country for education in the world is Finland, which designed its education system according to learning through play. Basically, it has an American research approach.

To support children ethically, the mindset for humanity and provide knowledge are their education system’s purposes.

    • The UK spent 4.2% of its GDP on the education system and structure for 2019. Australia spent 5.2% of GDP in 2016, and India spent 3% in 2018-19. The faculty of teachers is very low compared to advanced countries.

  • There is 1 teacher for 35 students in developed countries, while there is 1 teacher for 70 students in India.
  • Our education system is not up-to-date; instead, it is an old system that produces only workers. But advanced countries have a focus on individual growth in modern times.
  • In our system, 8+9+7 are only numbers, but this may be a strategy or logic for their IQ test for a foreign student.
  • Our education system lacks creativity. There is almost no practical but only theory. Our teachers and students try to memorize the lesson instead of understanding it.
  • Education is just a formality in routine tasks in our society, but education is like a learning process in other countries.
  • Our community spends more on marriage, useless customs, traditions, and other celebrations, but in the USA, the UK, and Australia happily spend on education instead of these expenses.
  • In advanced countries, they have a panel whose work provides guidelines about a child’s career, and they are free to choose their own way. But here we have friends, parents, relatives, and teachers that tell us what to do.
  • Students move to the next level without hesitation, whether they learned a lot or not, but there is a proper estimation system to judge the children in advanced countries.


Few Reasons Why People Study Abroad?

“According to a Research-based study by industry body “Assocham and Mumbai-based Tata Institute of Social science”:

Indian students spend $7 billion or around Rs 45,000 crore per year on foreign education because of higher education’s “sub-standard” quality.

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“IITs have an annual enrolment of 10,000-15,000, focused only on their bright future, not a single significant worldwide research has emerged by them even substantial loss of reserves, nor have they produced any valuable invention and nor developed their field.

On the other hand, the government is pouring thousands of rupees into their establishment.

The money spent on foreign education is nearly 60% of the Finance Minister’s funds to the education minister and department to keep,” the study notes only.

The study shows that our valuable foreign exchange reserve goes completely wasted without any purpose. Then a question arises why do our people go abroad to study?

The best country for education for foreign students at present in Australia. They provide quality education and offer a 3 to 5 years internship and a guaranteed job.

  • People go abroad to study because they lack the necessary research for higher education facilities.
  • They feel that institutions in their country are not providing quality and standard education means they have lack confidence in their institutions.
  • They emphasize positives such as encountering a different culture, improving their language abilities, and gathering new experiences.
  • Some students go abroad to get expertise in a particular field.
  • The overall aim of studies is to investigate undergraduate students’ perceptions about studying abroad programs and identify to what range those perceptions fall in line with society’s escalating importance on multicultural competence.
  • It is also crucial that the students have confidence in their own countries.
  • Some students have to study abroad for better career opportunities—the higher the education, the more seniors living in their own country.
  • Some people go abroad to create new interests to find new ways of learning to implement new directions in their own country.
  • The overall purpose of this study is to examine undergraduate students’ perceptions about study abroad programs and to identify to what range those perceptions fall in line with the escalating importance society is placing on multicultural competence.

There Are Many Other Reasons, But The Top 9 Are Mentioned Above.


Education Is Power

The Conclusion

We deserve the best quality education for a high standard of living and prosperity—irrespective of having many infrastructure problems.

We should study the education system in advanced countries like the USA, UK, and Australia to absorb qualities, practical approaches, and modern education techniques to skill our students.

The education system should not be a money-making process for inclusive growth.

The government should not allow private schools, colleges, and institutions to use education for business.

The work we have to do is to analyze their education system to try to implement it in our policy.

We need to study the top 3 countries. Their syllabus and syllabus must cover critical points of modern education.

We need to study abroad for quality education, if possible, to create sources by using potential resources for researchers, creativity, modern institutions, and science laboratories to create barriers to save our valuable reserves.

We have to overcome the barriers of the foreign drain. In this way, our country can progress. There are many problems in our education system.

We have to simply eradicate them, and then we will lead the world.

Let’s join us to work and succeed in our country and for prosperity as a whole nation.

In our contemporary society, everything seems geared to material growth, even our systems of education. As a result, we no longer pay adequate attention to our inner values, which leads to psychological unrest. To address this inequity, we need to pay more attention to our minds.


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