Social media has proven to be one of the best tools to learn and share if used correctly. 

Listen to the podcast here! I want to share five ways to make learning more effective using social media in this post.


Before I share these effective ways to make learning better, let me share a heart-touching story so that you can understand the importance of social media.

Today, I take the blog as an opportunity to share the story with you as it is directly connected to this topic.


Let’s begin…

Story Of Two Friends

The Two Friends

Once upon a time, two friends, Bruno and Pablo, lived together as neighbors, and they had little difference in social status.

They lived in a village under the control of a monarch who used to make all the villagers’ critical decisions.

Everything was under his supervision, from the supply of crops to the health care centers’ maintenance.

A cliff surrounded the village with a river flowing from its top; some men from the village collected water from the top and brought it to the town, distributed to the villagers.

The Search For A Job

Pablo and Bruno grew up and were soon in search of a job. Days turned into weeks and weeks prolonged into months, but they failed to find a job.

At this time, they were willing to do anything that offered money in exchange. One day, Bruno found a career in the newspaper from the Monarch.

The task was to collect water from uphill and then bring it down to ensure that everyone had an adequate water supply.

The boys were in dire need of a job and this job, under the head, was a good fit; thus, both of them decided to go for an interview. 


Number Of Gallons

Collecting water from the top requires many men; hence everyone who attended the interview was hired.

The pay rate was based on the number of gallons one could bring in a day; every gallon had a constant price; thus, the more gallons one brings, the more he earns.

The job began. Bruno and Pablo would work each day and work their heart out to get the most gallons.

The boys soon gained a reputation for being the most hard-working guys at work.

Everything started improving; their economic status was improving, and they were earning a decent amount to fulfill the needs of their family and save some of it for the hard times.


Pipeline for generations


A Blessing In Disguise

Pablo had to miss a day on one lucky day because his legs were hurting, and he couldn’t climb the cliff.

The day ended, and at night, lying down at his bed, he gave his job a second thought.

He realized that his earning would go down as soon as he aged and his body declined.

He won’t bring the same number of gallons and won’t earn the same.

In unforeseen cases like a foot fracture, he would have to stay by his bed for months, and during the period, he would have no earning.

These ideas horrified his mind, and the nightmares won’t let him sleep. He spent the entire night thinking of a way that would probably help him earn when he is old or goes through a physical injury.

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Pablo didn’t realize that his thoughts have kept him awake for hours, and the sun has risen, but a night’s sleep exchanged for relaxation of years is always well invested.

It worked out for Pablo; he could draw an idea in his mind that would help him overcome obstacles to having a stable or even rising income. 


The Rejection From A Friend

The next day, when he collected water, he waited for Bruno. Once they met, he explained the entire story to him and presented him to build a channel from the cliff to the village.

If the pipeline were made, they wouldn’t need to go up the ridge to collect water; instead, they can order an ultimate quantity of gallons sitting by the end.

Bruno thought of the idea as impractical as he believed it would take a long time to dig the tunnel, and it is better to keep things simple.

He ridiculed Pablo’s idea by taunting that Pablo’s foot injury had impacted his mind, and he is talking folly. 

The Early Compromise

These remarks from a lifelong friend were demotivating, but Pablo was unmoved; he believed in his goal and was committed to bringing it to reality.

The next hurdle was to convince the Monarch regarding the security of the channel.

He took the first step and discussed his ideas with the Monarch, who agreed with some terms.

He assured any gallon filled with the channel would be paid to Pablo; however, Pablo won’t be paid anything during the construction period.

The terms were risky, but he decided to put up all his savings to ensure his family had enough to survive some months while he dug the tunnel.

Video Credit-  Briana Mysak

The Results of Modernizing

The construction began; while Bruno and others climbed the cliff and fetched the water down, Pablo dug the tunnel.

It took him several months of dedicated efforts that his dream was a reality. The tunnel was ready, and the fruits were more accessible than ever.

Now, Pablo would come to the tunnel, fill ten times the gallons others used to fill, and leave early.

It took him a month to recover from the pain he suffered as everything he compromised was regained.

His resources kept rising, and his lifestyle improved; the right decision unleashed him to profits his counterparts could only dream of.

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If we use social media as a tool to build the future of our coming generations, it will pay off one day. 

Now let’s discuss social media and its practical use in detail.

Teachers And Social Media

In the 21st century, Social Media is the most recognized form of technology. According to research, around 71% of the entire US population has access to Social media; the stats are no different worldwide.

Social Media plays a part in bringing everyone closer; it has impacted every business and profession worldwide.

While teaching is one of the noble professions, it is equally demanding. Teachers are entitled to the sole responsibility of raising leaders for tomorrow.

If these children aren’t taken care of appropriately, the world might lose some candles that are yet to be kindled.

Social media could prove remarkable in uplifting the standard of schooling to a whole new level.


Social Media


This blog brings forward five ways teachers should use social media in schools. 

5 Effective Ways To Use Social Media For Learning In Schools

Effective Communication While Learning-

Social media has hugely reduced the communication gap, which has helped to improve the learning process.

With social media apps such as Facebook & WhatsApp, students can communicate better with their teachers and classmates.

Teachers create groups over WhatsApp through which the students can discuss their queries with the teachers.

Thus, resulting in saving their time and helping them to learn better.

In recent years, access to the internet & smartphones has become more convenient, which has played a significant role in reducing the communication gap through social media.

Video Credit- World Government Summit

Huge Information Over Your Fingertips-

Social media platforms provide plenty of information and knowledge at your fingertips.

Thousands of groups on Facebook share lectures and blog posts to help out the students.

Additionally, the content shared by experts on social media is up-to-date. Students interact with other students from around the globe and share their ideas.

This helps to develop creativity in them and gives them global exposure.

There is nothing wrong with saying social media is Wikipedia for students to find everything.

All they need is a smartphone and internet access to explore the world of knowledge.

Information on finger tips


Learning Opportunities During The Pandemic-

During the recent months, when the pandemic closed the schools & colleges worldwide, the teachers took the assistance of a social media platform to connect with them.

Through social media, platforms like skype, and zoom, teachers provide live lectures to students, thus continuing their studies in challenging situations.

According to recent research, Zoom’s social media app pulled over 200 million users to their platform.

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Among the 200 million users, most of the portion was students, and the students used it for their Educational & Academic purposes.

That’s how the social media platform helped students when the whole world was suffering from a pandemic.

Distance Learning Opportunities-

The most significant advantage of social media is that it helps millions of students learn through distance learning opportunities.

Distance learning programs allowed students to continue their education by attending regular educational institutions using online learning tools like Skype and Teams.

The students were highly benefitted by it and could complete their studies with ease.

The top educational institutions plan to incorporate distance learning programs with their current education system to facilitate students’ entire world.

Social Media


Improved Literacy, Communication, And Reading Skills-

The student usually gets bored while studying through books & other conventional ways.

However, the information students learn through social media and other platforms didn’t bore them as it’s interesting for students to learn through it.

The information becomes interesting for students as it contains graphics and animations that develop interest among students and excite them to learn.

Such online activities contribute to the child’s general learning, and kids eventually develop more vigorous reading habits resulting in a drastic improvement in their writing abilities.

The Conclusion

India is well on its way to becoming a digitally advanced country.

In recent years, Indian developers have launched one of the best software globally, from Paytm to hike messenger.

Furthermore, India is also the fastest digitizing country in the world. According to a recent survey, India had 560 million internet subscribers in September 2018.

The surveys and research clearly show that India is moving towards a new era of technology.

Not only that, but the government policies proved beneficial in digitizing the country. We hope that these policies will help in the development of the country. 


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