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Thank you, everyone, for the tremendous response to my last blog and motivating me to write posts that add value.

As promised, I have a fantastic article about how we can get free education quickly.

I know it does not sound natural, but you will get a lot from this post.

To get a better understanding, please read the complete article.

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Let me start with a story that I like a lot. I would like to share it with you.

Story Of A Thirsty Man And The Well

The Thirsty Man And The Well

You might have heard the story of the thirsty crow.

The bird succeeded in his challenging mission by putting in all his efforts. We have a similar story of a man.

Not to forget, a man is far more intelligent than a crow. There lived a man in a small city. He wasn’t rich and had limited resources.

The man had a firm belief in his luck. He believed that everything written in his success should come to him by itself.

He decided not to put effort into things that were destined for him. Time kept on passing, and he kept on growing older.

One day, while crossing through a desert. Sun was scorching intense heat. He lost his way.

Soon, the man started to feel thirsty. However, his solid belief restrained him from searching for water.

Time passed, and the wait was prolonged. No help came to him. His body started fainting. Eventually, He lost his life, waiting for a miracle to happen.


Love to Learn


Nevertheless, his camel saved him from the same fate. You might be wondering how?

The camel believed in searching for an opportunity. He ended up finding one.

The majority of people nowadays have been acting like the same man. They stay in their comfort zone, waiting for an opportunity to knock on their door. The ideal pattern is undoubtedly different.

People who get out of ease and search for opportunities find one.

We have been calling for not having access to educational opportunities. The chances available are usually expensive yet, very exclusive.

Then what is the solution?

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Smart Work And Free Education

Waiting for a miracle to happen is a dream. Working for the wonder and achieving it is what we should believe.

There are hundreds of free educational opportunities out there. All we have to do is to search for them.

Education has its undeniable importance. Having adequate knowledge plays a significant part in your life.

Why Quality Education Is Important And How It Transforms lives?

High-Quality Education is the prerequisite for learning and human development.

It creates a society that will give equal importance to both genders.

Quality education enables a state to grow at a faster rate. It helps reduce inequality; an educated population empowers a nation to achieve sustainable development goals.

Quality Education is the crucial element to escape poverty and live a quality life.

When people get a quality education, they become valuable assets to society.

With Quality Education, they can deal with poverty. They live healthier and more sustainable life.

Quality Education provides specialized knowledge and skills required to deal with the modern world’s challenges.

Suppose we are serious about building an economy that lasts. We need to empower people with Quality Education.

“A quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation, provide children with the protection they need from the hazards of poverty, labor exploitation and disease, and give them the knowledge, skills, and confidence to reach their full potential.” -Audrey Hepburn


Education can transform lives and enlighten their future. An educated society gives equal rights to women.

The provision of education helps them achieve their goals and live a better experience.


Quality Education Is Important


Quality Education increases job opportunities and economic growth. If every child could have access to quality education, they shall have an improved lifestyle and escape poverty.

Research conducted by central European, OECD countries concluded that People with Secondary Education live eight years longer lives than those who didn’t complete Secondary Education.

According to a statement by the Director-General of, UNESCO. ‘The findings released today confirm more clearly than ever that education can transform lives and societies for the better,’

These facts and researches show how quality Education can transform an individual’s life and live a healthier and better life.

A significant proportion of students have to back out due to the finances required. Gaining higher education is often costly.

Most of the parents have to cut on their expenses mainly. However, is there any cheaper alternative? The answer is yes.

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Six Ways To Get Free Education Easily

There are numerous ways available. I have summed up six easy and practical techniques for you below.

Apply For Local And Foreign Scholarships

Are you looking for High-Quality Education without spending a penny? If yes, then you start looking out for a scholarship.

Scholarships will cover all your expenses and, in some cases, bring you a stipend.

A fully funded scholarship includes your Tuition Fees and Living expenses while you will be getting high-quality education for free.

Each year, the Indian Government and private Institutions offer thousands of scholarships.

These scholarships are awarded based on their academic performance or financial need.

The scholarship will not come knocking at your door. Get in touch with businesses, Charities to find out the best scholarship for your education.

Read Books To Acquire Great Knowledge

The best way to acquire free knowledge is through reading books. Reading Books would expand your expertise to a vast level.

It will also make you smarter and enhance your level of intelligence.


Read Books to Acquire Great Knowledge


These intelligence types include vocabulary, understanding numerous subjects and issues, detecting problems, and finding solutions.

They are enlightening you with the right way to communicate.

I can suggest a few books I like and learned a lot from these.

1. The Atomic Habits

2. Getting Things Done

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad

4. The four Agreements

5. The Surrender Experiment

Online Learning Platforms

Online learning websites are the best platform to learn skills and attain knowledge.

Online learning websites have gained immense popularity in the last few years.


Online Learning Platforms


There are a wide variety of courses available on these websites. These courses are often free or low-cost that anybody can afford easily.

Let discuss some of the websites from where you can get a Quality Education or learn a skill without spending much money.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best learning sites offering online courses. Khan Academy is free to use for everyone, including teachers and students.

You can learn any subject from the website, such as Maths, Chemistry, Physics, English and a bit of computer programming.

You can use your time effectively by learning from Khan Academy without paying any charges.


Edx is the world’s leading online course platform. There are more than 2500 courses available. The world’s top-ranked Universities compile these courses.

You can learn almost every subject, from language to Artificial Intelligence. These courses are free to take. However, if you need a certificate, you need to pay for it.

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Coursera is the global Education marketplace, with more than 2700 different courses available.

You can avail of any course from the site without paying any charges.

More than 35 million learners are associated with Coursera. It is the best online platform if you want to polish your skill or learn any subject.

You can find out the best course which fits your interest.

Learn From Expert And Mentors

According to analytics, 51% of the students drop out because of the high fees. One fantastic way to get free education is by learning from mentors.

The world has globalized. Various experts have settled themselves over the web.

Social media platforms such as Pinterest and LinkedIn allow you to connect with professionals worldwide.

Learning from experts shall help you attain valuable knowledge and precious experiences. Getting a mentor is a shortcut to success.

A good teacher can teach you a lesson that a book won’t. Apart from the above-listed sites, a mentor cruise is one suitable pathway to connect.

Spend Time In A Public Library

“A library has access to thousands of minds that didn’t go to a college”- Abdul Rafay

Formal education is not the only way to learn. It is your spirit and will that matter.

A library brings to you ideas that can change your entire life. It is a sacred time machine where education flows, and magic is eternal.


Spend time in a public library


In India, we have around 54,851 libraries. Although the number is lesser than ideal, you will find only critical learners there.

Spending time in the library shall help you attain free education. Along with it, you shall come across people who share the same interest as you.

This company shall help you grow as a professional.

Use The Online Platforms To Learn New Skills

According to the study, 57% of the world has access to the essential Internet.

While on the other hand, only 10.2% of the people are skilled. The stat shows that not everyone acts smart.

Free Education is a scarce opportunity. You shall work smartly to avail it.

The Internet is a comprehensive source that caters to all your need.

You shall find all your needs and want on the internet.

The issue lies in our minds. We focus on fulfilling our wants while ignoring our needs.

Education is an essential need, while entertainment is not.


Use the internet to learn a new skill


The Internet has provisioned us with the opportunity to gain free knowledge. There are numerous channels to attain the genre of education you need.

As I have discussed six easy ways to get free education in today’s world, let me share my final thoughts on them, and I hope this would add value.

The Conclusion

Life does take sharp turns; unexpected events do happen. The financial crisis does occur.

It is all normal. Nevertheless, the way you stand against them is crucial.

Backing out of your goal is never an option. You shall fight to achieve what you want.

Few lucky people avail success at comfort. At the same time, the others have to fight for it.

There are plenty of opportunities available for those who need them. Free Education is one such need.

Victory comes to those who work on opportunities to recover from hard times.

Complaining of difficulties is easy; bypassing them is difficult. Crying over chances is of no use.

Make sure that you take the upcoming opportunities timely.

Education is the candle that enlightens your future; it is the water that nourishes the plant. It has the same significance as oxygen to us.

Oxygen helps our body to survive, while education guides our soul.

Free Education is a frill that doesn’t cost. The following tips mentioned above shall get you free education quickly.

Best of luck with your future endeavors!

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